Our Guys
Ch. Sam Greenlane Scion of CloudCity (retired)

Sam is our chief kitten-snuggler; sometimes we call him “Uncle Sam”. He is named after his great-great grandfather, Green Lane Sam, who was born in 1964. His whole sire line consists of cats who were relatively old when they sired the next generation, so that there are only four generations back to the 1960s. He looks the part: judges at shows have remarked that he looks just like cats they had or knew decades ago. He has deep blue eyes and good body type (when he hasn't been stealing too much kitten food), although he's much darker than we had hoped. He sired two litters, with our Phoebe and with her litter sister Blackfootriver Aravis of Archenland, before we reluctantly neutered him, so that we could enjoy his mellow disposition as a retired pet in our house for the rest of his life. Several of his offspring are breeding cats. Although he doesn’t like shows much, in August 2010, Sam earned his TICA championship.

Shogun is owned by and lives with Diane Swabby-Cahill of Denver. A calm, sweet-tempered older gentleman that comes from California Siamese lines, he’s registered as a Siamese in the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) and a Thai in TICA. He was born in 2000 but is still busily siring litters; he sired four litters with our Phoebe and one with Nala in June 2012, and he may be bred to one of our younger girls in the future.  Although he hadn’t been shown in years, he bravely ventured out to a TICA show a few years ago to wave the flag for the Thai breed. Many thanks to Diane for allowing us to share this photograph of Shogun. Diane has two of Shogun’s sons, Harry and Wills, ready to take over for him once he retires.

Luv-Sun Shogun’s Dutch Apple (of Thai-Di Cattery)
CloudCity Falcon

Born in December, 2010, seal point Falcon is the son of our Nala and a native Thai import sire that we were fortunate to host for a while from 2010 to 2012. Falcon lives in Ohio with Alice Billman at Alicats Thais, where he has produced handsome litters with girls from Alicats and from Sandypoints Cattery in Pennsylvania. Our Phoebe had a litter sired by Falcon in August, 2012, one of which is our young queen, Kestrel. Although we tried several times to show him, he was resolute in telling us it was just not something he was willing to do.

Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion CloudCity Katsumoto of TimEZ

“Katsu,” as we call him, is our Nala’s seal point son, sired by chocolate point Tonopah Avens of Sandypoints Cattery in Pennsylvania. We co-own Katsumoto with Tim Zabkar of TimEZ Cattery in Ohio where he lives.  He loves to be shown; he earned his Grand Championship in TICA in July 2012, and went on to finish his Supreme Grand Championship in March, 2013, and was the Best of Breed championship Thai adult for the 2012-2103 TICA show year. The best thing about him is his sweet, happy disposition.